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Well hello, there! I took a university FPGA class in early 2015 and throughout the semester, there existed for me a consistent and unexpected theme: confusion. There is not a lack of information on the web, however most of the information is either buried in 500 pages documentation, is embedded in vague forum postings, or is hidden within the occasional video from 2007. So I said to myself, “Why?” Well, this site and the accompanying lessons are my answer to this question, but don’t mistake this as my scheme to get rich (it’s not, I have a day job just like everyone else!). It’s quite selfish in fact; I am developing this site for myself so if I want in the future to pick up my FPGA and start playing with it, I won’t have to go down a rabbit hole of oh-crap-I-knew-how-to-do-this-three-months-ago. I, by no means, am a Ph.D. professor who will talk for hours on theory. Nope! This site is fully learn by doing; it’s all about experience. With that, I do not have any industry experience with FPGAs. This is just one Computer Engineer’s take on FPGAs, like how to make a LED blink or to have a seven segment to display a friendly, “Hi”. Feel free to take a look around and judge me and my content all you want, it’s the internet after all.

If this content helps you on a project, class assignment, or as an FPGA hobbyist and you have the means to spare $3 for a beer that will keep this developer making these videos, I would greatly appreciate it.

-Sean Rall

Well this donation will also go towards things like FPGA’s, server space and well beer if there is any left over.

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